Get involved

As a volunteer for the Ahimsa movement, you can contribute your time and help in various ways, whether it's offering your physical presence for on-ground activities or participating in online work to spread the message of non-violence and compassion.

One-off donations play a crucial role in providing essential resources such as winter feed for cows, upgrading their sheds, and reseeding acres, ensuring the well-being and care of these animals.

Take the initiative to launch your fundraising endeavor, championing the cause of cows and supporting the Ahimsa movement, promoting a world filled with non-violence and compassion for all living beings.

If the message of cow protection inspires you, consider sharing it with your friends and family to create greater awareness and support for this important cause.

Cow support provides essential care and sustenance, ensuring their well-being and supporting our mission to promote compassion and non-violence for all living beings.