Join the Ahimsa Movement's program and support our beloved cows! Your contribution makes a world of difference by providing nourishing food, regular care, health checkups, maintaining barn and fences, and ensuring emotional well-being for our bovine residents. Whether you opt for a one-time sponsorship or choose monthly donation you become a crucial part of creating a compassionate sanctuary.

Supporting our cows is made simple and impactful with a range of choices: you can be a GoSevak (Caretaker of the cows) by contributing €5/month, a GoBandhu (Friend of the cows) with €21/month, a GoRakshak (Protector of the cows) with €51/month, or a GoPalak (Guardian of the cows) with €108/month. If you prefer, you can also make a one-off donation of your choice to donate for our cows' welfare. Your involvement helps ensure their well-being and safety.

Each category represents a unique level of support, and we welcome you to choose the one that resonates with your commitment to cow protection. Your generosity is key to fostering a compassionate world for these gentle beings.

Care for our cows